how to make Smart Baby

Important advice to have a smart baby.

– Always feed your baby healthy.

Be in good physical health before planning to have a baby.

– Enjoy fatherhood after the birth of the baby.

– During happy pregnancy, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly

– Stimulate your baby with music and toys, meet their emotional needs and have a sociable baby.

Advice for mothers-to-be

Be in good health before planning to have a baby.

Invite the grandparents, relatives, friends and even neighbors to share your joy. The baby should socialize early.

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how to be a Good Parent?


how to be a Good Parent?

All people can attest  , having children is one of the biggest changes that you may encounter.As a parent , perhaps the only thing that worries you the most is a good father. The problem is, how do you know if you are a good parent or not. Here are 3 simple tips to evaluate .

Step 1
The first step you need to take to learn to be a good parent is to slow down and get to know your child. Parents often forget that children are not in the same time as adults. Children are very relaxed when it comes t the time because no hurry to go anywhere , or have a concept of time . Kids just go at your own pace . Noting that his son will be able to know your child best , which will give a better understanding of your child. The more you know and understand that your child will be better equipped to deal with their moods and abilities , so do not expect too much of them.

step 2
The second thing you must learn to do if you want to learn to be a good parent is to accept the feelings and desires of his son . Too often, it is easier for parents to say that there is nothing to fear or that there is no reason to be angry . To learn how to be a good parent should accept their feelings, including recognition of their feelings. For example, tell them to give the green light to be sad that your friend had to go home . Tell them is to give the green light to feel a certain way is a great care because you show your child that it is normal for them to have their own feelings and desires.

Step 3

The last thing you have to learn what you can learn to be a good parent is that your child knows what is expected of them. Explain how should act in certain situations , even if it can not answer , it is important to tell them what you expect and what you can expect behavior. You must also set clear limits while setting expectations. This is important because it shows your child that their actions have consequences. For example, if someone bitten because they were crazy , you must be a consequence of this behavior. Tell them why the behavior is not acceptable and give them other options that are appropriate.

after these 3 simple rules just do your best to be a good father.


One.One of the most important things a person can inculcate in the habits of their children. Manners can play a vital role in how young people are able to function in the future, and can change their fate in some situations. If you want to be a good parent, you should make sure to learn the proper way to behave , at home or in a public place . They must also learn to respect a winning combination with good manners . If you are not sure how to go about it , ask a relative colleague or take to the library or online to learn more.
Two . Tell them as often as possible that they are loved . Some children go through their growing years and rarely hear those words from their parents, which can be very dangerous for them, to say the least . You can show your love in all forms , give them hugs before going to school, leave little notes in their lunch bags , respect your privacy, and so on. When they know that you care deeply about them, they will show the same in return , making for a happy family.
Three . Give them a special place of their own. Young minds are always in search of things to learn and see, all you need to do is encourage them. Some parents reserve designated playrooms , places where children rule the roost and do almost anything they want . If you decide to make a game room , make sure there are no dangerous objects that could break their children, swallowing or breathing . You can also opt for a place of friendly fire pit children or evidence of fire, which can add to a feeling of comfort that kids will surely enjoy .

There are always innovative ways in which you can get involved in your child’s school. You can also make suggestions for new ideas to be taken on board and implemented in the school..