School Working With The Autism Spectrum

By Saleem Rana
Lon Woodbury and Elizabeth McGhee, talk show hosts on Parent Choices for Struggling Teens, discussed working with the autism spectrum with Doug Maughan who is the Clinical Director for Daniels Academy.

The host of the show is Lon Woodbury and his co-host is Elizabeth McGhee. Lon is an Independent Educational Consulant who has worked with families with at-risk adolescents since 1984. Today, he is the founder of Struggling Teens and publishes the Woodbury Reports. Elizabeth is the Director of Admissions and Referral Relations for the Sandhill Child Development Center in New Mexico.

About Douglas W. Maughan

The Clinical Director of Daniels Academy, Doug W. Maugham has an MA and LCMHC. After getting his BA from the University of Utah, he served as a Utah Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) case manager. The therapeutic boarding school he now works at helps boys between the ages of 13 to 18 years. These autistic children struggle with academics, emotional issues, and executive functioning.

Four Constructive Ways of Working with the Autism Spectrum

Students within the autism spectrum are often misunderstood. They are often misdiagnosed by psychologists as having Oppositional Defiant Disorder or mislabeled by teachers as willful. However, these adolescents actually are unable to shift perspectives or follow the rules of traditional education because of problems with their prefrontal cortex functioning.

Douglas explained that teenagers who fall within the autism spectrum, don’t know how to interact with their peers. It becomes a huge issue for them when they are either teased or bullied. Sometimes to fit in, they enact the very behavior that upsets them.

Students at Daniel’s Academy are all within the Level One autistic category defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, version V. This means that they are actually very bright, but may have tremendous problems with self-esteem. Staff educate the boys in social skills using group milieu settings or through individual settings. These students also learn social skills by participating in local community events.

Students learn what Daniels Academy call the Four Pillars. These are the four essential skill sets associated with social adaptability: Executive Functioning, Social Thinking; Emotional and Mood Regulation, and Daily Living. In addition, students practice improving fine motor skills. The success of the program in working with the autism spectrum is measured by whether or not students have been able to use the four essential skill sets at a high level for at least 6 months in the course of their interactions with staff, community members and peers.

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Childhood Fears & 3 Pointers, By Staten Island Pediatrics, For Parents

By Bob Oliver
It goes without saying that children, at some point or another, have fears that aren’t exactly the most realistic. When there is a creaking sound outside of their window, a child may believe that there is a monster, which isn’t realistic. However, as those in Staten Island pediatrics will be able to tell you, a child’s imagination can have a tremendous impact on his or her development. Fears have to be dealt with, though, and these 3 methods should help the process.

The reason why children develop fears has to do with their lack of knowledge with the unknown. They are very young and, as a result, just about anything that seems foreign to them may be approached with a sense of hesitance. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is an abnormal behavioral trait. Seeing as how many children are scared of clowns, for example, it goes without saying that children can develop fears for just about anything.

Now that you understand how fears can come to life, you may wonder how authorities like GPM Pediatrics can help you take care of these. To start off, experts in Staten Island pediatrics may tell you to simply listen to what children have to say, in regards to their fears. Even if you do not have a solution, in that particular moment, this does not necessarily mean that you have to. Simply opening up and hearing your child, and their concerns, can prove to be the first step towards a solution.

You can also focus on comforts that your child may associate with safety in general. For example, if your child has a teddy bear that he or she is especially fond of, make sure that this is positioned nearby before they head to sleep. Once again, a method like this may seem simple, in your mind, but it does have an impact. In time, your child may be able to deal with their fears to the extent that they no longer require the comforts in question, at least not as consistently.

No one can argue with the fact that just about all children suffer from fears that, in many cases, they create in their minds. Does this necessarily make them any less valid? From what I have seen, it’s in these situations that the care of parents is required the most. Focus on the fears in question, asking as many questions as possible in order to gain a better understanding of the matter. If this is done, the ability to figure out the best solutions will be that much more obtainable.

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Important Features Of A 24 Hour Daycare Mesa

By Mayra Pierce
Today, parents are turning to around-the-clock service providers for childcare. This is because of the tight schedules that see many juggle between work, study and family responsibilities. One may be a single parent who must not only watch after their child but also make sure their bills are paid, a student or just a couple that needs a trip out of the town. Such people will find any reliable 24 hour daycare Mesa area can afford them useful.

24 hour providers are on high demand in this age due to their ability to offer services beyond the normal 8 hours a day. Anyone living in Mesa AZ is sure to find a reliable provider within the area. However, before enlisting for their services, it is crucial to understand the various qualities that make a good around-the-clock childcare facility. Such will guide all parents seeking to get quality care for their kids.

It is useful for such a facility to have trained staff attending to children. A standard requirement is that such officers have training in offering first aid, doing rescue breathing and attending to children in case of choking. It could also help if there are nurses in this facility with proper training and licenses to take care of children of all ages. Such understand how to handle both physical and emotional needs of kids between the ages 0-12 years.

Proper hygiene and safety standards cannot be overlooked in such a facility. Children need to live in a safe environment free of any possible health hazards. Some centers work as in-home service providers where they could assist in housekeeping, taking children to school and picking them as well as doing some shopping. Get details of the services available in a daycare before enrolling.

In other day care centers, you child will get assistance with homework depending on his or her need and education level. They also have suitable teaching tools for children of different ages. Such include stories, art, crafts, and others. Find out what a center offers for your child before enrolling.

Another important feature of a childcare facility is nurturing activities. These could be games, study groups, art, and crafts. These play a major role in children development. Different activities ensure the kids are engaged throughout the day. Nevertheless, make sure all these are conducted in a safe environment with play equipment that meet safety standards too.

You could check the space and other facilities such as lodging since children will be spending their nights there. Always insist on enough play space, clean and safe rooms where children will sleep. Check the dining area and the kitchen if possible to make sure food is handled and served under hygienic conditions. In case your child calls for special diet, check if the center is able to provide. Such children may call for certain foods offered during particular times of the day.

If a care center meets the above standards, then you have the right place to leave your child. This way, you have peace of mind whether you are in class, out for business or at a holiday destination outside the City. Take your time to find the perfect place to keep your child for any amount of time you may want.

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Home Safety Checklist And Emergency Items

By Eric Holm
With the current life that many people are leading it can be difficult to think about the future. That is when they should know that they need to think about these seriously to guarantee that they are ready for any disaster. That could even lead to them needing to use a personal safety checklist to help them out.

While many people have never thought about this, they need to know that several different aspects of security exist and can help them with the dealing of problems they have or could have.

The first concern for many people is residential issues. This can easily help you out and when you are moving into the home you should make sure that all the doors and gates close properly. Then you will know if the locks are going to line up properly for them or not. You will also want to ensure that all of your doors are locked properly when you go to leave the house for the day. Something else that you will want to do is to try to provide an extra key to your neighbor and when you are inside of your home you will want to make sure that you have your doors closed and locked. Window bars is something that is important to have as well to prevent criminals from breaking in that way. Something else that can strike your home will be fires. To help prevent those you should have a smoke detector and extinguisher on each of your floors. You will also want to make sure that you check these on a regular basis. Then you will be able to know if you have a fire issue and be able to fight it right away. Power can go out in a home from time to time and that could be a major problem for some people. That is when you should know that need to have emergency lighting. When you have this, you will find that your home fire escape drills can be done rather quickly and you could get light even when you do not have any power.

Some of the supplies that you need to have are going to be essential for emergency supplies. Those include the fire extinguisher, a way to fight off criminals, supplies of food to last you for a while, a light of some type, radio, bedding, and a stove that is portable, matches, possibly a solar shortwave radio, and the first aid kit that can help with any injury you have.

Note that all the above discussed personal safety and security measures are not only applicable at home, but these preventive measures should be followed while you are away from home. In spite of being acquainted with all the above discussed safety measures, you should always be prepared for the unexpected and remain alert during your daily routine and avoiding flirting with danger.

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Benefits Of Treating Autism Bay Area

By Etta Bowen
Enlisting a master may appear to be exceptionally troublesome for you. You can along these lines require some help with it so you can think of the best master after your exploration. There are however a few tips that you can utilize so you think of your favored pro. It is fitting to be cautious while doing your exploration. To find experts in autism Bay Area people should consider the following details.

Hiring experts who have been trained in carrying out the therapy for patients who have autism is crucial. They have relevant knowledge that will help them prescribe suitable medication to the client. Also they are aware of the symptoms and they will be able to guide the child into recovering their communication skills.

It is imperative to guarantee that your master has a permit. This will demonstration as an evidence to you that he has been conceded the authorization to work by the power since he is generally prepared and qualified. It likewise feels safe working with an expert who has a permit since you can have the capacity to report him if there should arise an occurrence of any false impressions between you.

The therapist will be able to monitor the patient closely and keep record on the progress. The information will help the doctor to prescribe a medication that is suitable for the personal health as they help in improving the communication skills. During the therapy an individual usual undergoes various tests that are of great importance in the healing process.

Checking the distance from the home area to the health center is useful. Clients enjoy services that are easily accessible and are found near the residential area. It will help in reducing the travelling expenses that may make the treatment costs expensive. Also shorter distances encourage a person to be consistent to the medication process and get the finest results at the end.

Cost is something else to dependably have at the top of the priority list. Procuring an authority who charges a high sum is exceptionally unsafe. Verify that you just contract a pro who is reasonable to you and one you can have the capacity to pay everything furthermore on time. This will anticipate issues emerging between you in light of unpaid administrations.

You ought to likewise consider the separation between you. Verify that the separation between your habitation and that of your master is short. This will help you get to him at whatever point you require him much speedier not at all like when he is far. An alternate speedier technique for arriving at him is getting his contacts. You can have the capacity to call him from wherever you are.

Considering licensed workers is important. It is highly recommended for people to work with registered professionals who are recognized by the authorities. It will help the individual to be able to follow up on how the therapist has been carrying out their activities. Also they have been entrusted by the authorities and therefore they are reliable and transparent in prescribing the appropriate medicine.

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Discover The Importance Of Kalispell Therapists

By Etta Bowen
In life, you never know when disease could strike. In order to safeguard your health, you should not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention as soon as you feel sick. The medical professionals will be in a position to explain to you on the best methods to use so as to manage your condition. Typically Kalispell Therapists are important to consult in the following ways:

There are many medics in the city today who would be willing to be at your service. However, proper you need to scrutinize each one of them in the right way to be on the safe side. This will help you and save you a lot of money that you would have wasted with people who are not professional in what they do.

When engaging with a professional of this kind, there is an urgent need to establish his legal standing before allowing him to treat you. This is important to consider since there are many quacks who normally masquerade as experts. Such quacks are only out to make money regardless of your plight. As such, you should avoid dealing with such unscrupulous people at all costs.

Insurance is the other thing that is very important when dealing with the experts. Ensure that anything that may happen the insurance company need to be responsible and the necessary charges need to be paid.

These professionals require some serious training and cooperation. That is why a qualified expert should undergo through the required level of training. The training could be unnecessary if the trainee did not pass his or her exams. For this reason, you should make sure that the expert you engage with has got a pass in this profession. Ask him or her to show you his results. See whether the results match with original copy.

You also need to consider the number of years the expert has been in his career. It goes without saying that experts who have been in the business for a long time tend to be efficient than those who have just started their career path. You should hire an expert who has been in the therapy business for at least ten years. You should ask around to determine the level of experience your expert has. The people you could ask may include previous clients of the expert.

Money has always been and continues to be a scarce resource. As such, you need to hire an expert who charges pocket-friendly prices. You should prepare a budget and use it to filter the many potential experts. You should only consider the experts who are ready and willing to work within your budget.

In conclusion, the best platform to locate these professionals is through the online channel. The experts leave their numbers here in case a client want to talk to them about their services. You are also in a better position to know a genuine professional after reading the reviews of other clients. You will know if they were happy with the services they provided with.

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Finding A Competent Autism Advocate Bay Area

By Christa Jarvis
For many parents, having a healthy child is the greatest gift from God. It would cause a lot of pain for any parent to witness his child suffering. One common condition that could cause your child to suffer is autism. There have been studies that seem to suggest that childhood vaccination may cause this condition. In case your child is diagnosed with this condition, you would require the services of an autism advocate bay area. The legal expert will help you sue anyone whose actions might have lead to your child developing this condition. For best services, your legal expert should exhibit most of the following traits:

You need to consider when the service provider started his career. It is common knowledge that service providers that have been in business for long enough tend to offer superior services. This is normally because such service providers have had sufficient time to discover best practices that will lead to success. Service providers that are new in the legal field could still be struggling to find their space in this industry. As such, they may not offer as superior services as you would expect.

It would be an added advantage if you hire a professional who has some basic medical skills. Such a professional will be in position to fully understand the condition of your child. He will also be better placed to convince the court to accept your prayers. Having a professional that knows nothing about medicine could greatly jeopardize your case. You should request the professional to show you his academic papers so that you can tell whether he took some medical courses. In case the professional refuses to show you his academic papers, you should disengage his services immediately.

It is advisable that you hire a professional who you are comfortable dealing with. Both your personalities should not be so varied if you are to get along well. As such, you should ensure that you personally meet with potential professionals so that you assess their personalities as well.

It is also important to ascertain whether your legal expert has an operating license. It is outlawed for anyone to practice law without a license from the authorities. You need to demand seeing the license of your legal expert before allowing him to take up your case. If he is either unable or unwilling to show you his license, you should waste no time in finding another legal expert.

The service provider needs to be in good books of the community. Normally, if a service provider is fond of offering poor services, the community tends to shun him. Hiring services of such a service provider could be detrimental since even the judges will also have formed an opinion about him.

For convenience purposes, you should look for a professional who is from within your neighborhood. You will be able to make impromptu visits to the professionals office without having to travel over long distances. It is also easier to strategize about winning your case with a local professional than a professional who is from another state or country.

It requires no brain to know that the service provider you choose to handle your case holds the key to success. As such, you should take adequate time to ensure that you find yourself a competent and responsible service provider with a proven track record.

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