How to be a super parent?

 How to be a super parent?
Always take care of you even have children . You will find that some time aside each day for relaxation will give you the energy you need to be a better parent. If you feel a little better, he will make his children happy.
A good tip for parents is to try not to be the best friend of her son all the time. If you are constantly worried about how your child thinks of you as his friend, his likely fall short in terms of being a father. Ideally, try to find a balance between the two .
Learning to discipline your child, do not make threats you will not pass. For example, if the child vomits in his toy, do not say you’re going to throw the toy, if you want it. If your child is not going to do something really, really , no need to hear.
If you are interested in promoting the cognitive development of the child, consider limiting the amount of time they spend watching television each day. Research indicates that spent hours watching television has an inverse relationship with academic performance
Support your breast with your fingers underneath and holding your thumb on top during lactation. Use the hand you use most to support the head and the other hand to support your breast.
Do not force your child to study a subject at a time. Studies show that humans learn best by studying two or more subjects at once.

If your kids play with toys and games that have dozens of small pieces or parts, use a cookie sheet as a kind of cloth.
Save yourself a step of nighttime awakenings . Just put a layer of ointment to the inside of the front layer to the layer before going to bed her.

A good tip for parents is not to shelter their children too. Do not tell your children that there are many people out there waiting to be removed .

How to be a super parent.

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